5 Tips to Prepare Your Boiler for the Fall

5 Tips to Prepare Your Boiler for the Fall

As summer in Colorado draws to an end, it’s time to start looking ahead towards fall. The upcoming months can get pretty chilly in the Colorado Springs area, and you might be tempted to start up your boiler as the days get colder. But if your boiler has been sitting unused for some time, it’s likely in need of some serious maintenance. This will help prevent any boiler-related emergencies from happening during the winter months, when you’re most reliant on its heat.

Here are 5 tips to help ensure your boiler is in top-condition before fall:

1) Clean All Components
After idling all summer, it’s important to thoroughly clean all the components of your boiler. This will help clear out any sediment that may have built up inside, helping it last longer.

2) Check for Leaks
Leaks can cause serious damage if left unchecked. Before starting your boiler up again, be sure to examine all the boiler pipes to confirm there are no leaks.

3) Verify Fuel Valves and Stack Dampers are Open
For a boiler to run properly, the fuel valves and stack dampers should be fixed in the open position.

4) Confirm Water Level is Correct
If there are any leaks in the system or if it wasn’t inspected at the end of the previous winter, the water level may not be correct. If there is insufficient water to the system, it could get damaged. Add water to the unit if necessary.

5) Inspect All Air Openings for Debris
Inspect all the air openings to confirm they are clear of debris. These can clog up the system and cause it to run inefficiently or even break down.

Sticking to a maintenance checklist before starting up your boiler has a number of benefits. You keep the boiler from having to work harder, forcing more wear and tear than is necessary. Over the long run, this means you’ll spend less on energy bills and repairs, and your unit will last a lot longer. That means you’ll end up saving money. But it’s also a matter of safety. Boilers that are not working properly can leak carbon monoxide into your home, putting your family and loved ones in danger. That’s why in addition to running down the above post-summer checklist, it can be extremely helpful to have a licensed professional come to your home.

At Hardcastle Home Services, we have trained technicians experienced with boiler maintenance who know exactly what to look for to ensure your unit is working for years to come. Ready to start dusting off your boiler? Give Hardcastle a call today!