How to Save with Mini-Splits

How to Save with Mini-Splits

Mini-splits are an excellent solution to many households looking for an affordable option to keep their homes comfortable all year round. They have a lot of advantages; however, these are often installed in addition to your current heating and cooling systems to maximize savings. At first, it may seem strange to invest in a second system to cut down on costs, but the secret lies in learning how to coordinate the use of both systems so that you’re only using what you need, when you need it.

Ductless Systems With Easy Installation

Mini-splits are ductless systems that operate by simply transferring heat and cold around, instead of spending extra energy to manually alter the temperature. Since they don’t use ducts, you also don’t have to worry about energy losses due to leaks or clogs. These can be filled with dust and debris over the years, forcing the HVAC to work harder until the next maintenance check. That’s simply not a concern with mini-splits.

Additionally, the absence of ducts means they are extremely easy to install and can be installed just about anywhere in the building. Older houses, in particular, tend to have trouble circulating warm or cold air to certain rooms. The solution tends to be either accepting that the room will be uncomfortable or cranking up the power on your HVAC system. That second option means spending a lot more energy in the process. By placing mini-split indoor units in problem areas of the building, you can better regulate the temperature in those areas without any significant increases in your utility expenses.

Configuring Your Heating and Cooling Systems

While the proper placement of the unit can be very beneficial, it’s also important to focus on how you’re configuring your systems. Given that the mini-split uses far less energy, it should generally be your primary heating and cooling system. Later, whenever temperatures are more extreme than usual, you can rely on the power of your existing HVAC unit to ensure you remain comfortable.

Mini-Split Maintenance

Like all systems, without regular maintenance, mini-splits will not function as efficiently. Scheduling a quick routine check is critical to prolonging the life of your units. A professional can help ensure your filters are replaced and that the indoor and outdoor units are operating properly.

Whether you’re looking to inquire about installing a mini-split into your building or need to schedule a service call for maintenance, Hardcastle can help! Our technicians are trained on proper mini-split care and can answer all of your questions. Call for a free estimate today!