Shower Habits That Damage Your Home

Shower Habits That Damage Your Home

You know to avoid using oily products, toothpaste, and abrasive chemical cleaners in your shower to prevent frustrating clogs. However, you probably don’t realize that your morning shower routine may still be causing extensive damage to your home. Consult the list below of harmful shower habits, then contact Hardcastle Heating & Air if your plumbing begins showing signs of damage.

Taking Long, Hot Showers

Everyone enjoys taking lengthy, steaming hot showers on a frigid Colorado morning, but doing this on a regular basis can pose serious issues to your home. A closed bathroom filled with steam creates the perfect environment for the growth and spread of mold, so limit your showers to no more than ten minutes and use warm water rather than turning the temperature up as high as you can stand it. On days that you just need the relaxing, spa-like feeling of a long, hot shower, keep the door or window open during and after the shower and run a vent fan to remove the steam.

Not Removing Hair from the Drain

Blockages are one of the most damaging avoidable issues faced by homeowners. If you do not remove the hair that builds up in your drain, it will slow the effectiveness of your drain and eventually prevent it from working altogether. Always use a drain cover or hair catching device and clean it after every shower so it doesn’t create expensive issues in the future.

Not Cleaning Up Standing Water on the Floor 

After spilling a liquid in the kitchen or living room, most people take care of mopping it up right away. For some reason, we ignore puddles of water in the bathroom. Over time, standing water can warp your flooring material, loosen your grout, and encourage the growth of mold. Worse, it can hide plumbing drips and leaks. Keep a bath mat next to the shower to soak up any excess moisture after your shower and wipe up puddles after every bath.

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