Common HVAC Problems in the Summer

Common HVAC Problems in the Summer

Every season comes with different potential HVAC complications—and hot, humid weather certainly can take a toll. As we head into the summer months, here’s a short list of the most common summertime HVAC complications. This way, you can catch these problems early, before a system breakdown.

Your Refrigerant Charge Is Too Low

While air conditioners don’t consume refrigerant to run, pinhole leaks can develop in the coils and refrigerant lines. This allows refrigerant to gradually escape over time. When an A/C unit is undercharged, it will have trouble cooling air. Thus, you can expect to see longer runtimes, overheating, and wasted energy. 

Inadequate Air Flow 

When summer vegetation grows around your HVAC unit, the heat can be trapped inside, leading to inefficiency or overheating. 

Plus, when your A/C unit runs more, you can expect your intake air filter to get dirty quickly. For that reason, it’s essential to replace your filter monthly during the summer. It’s also possible for dirty filters to lead to dirty coils, further harming your unit’s efficiency. 

Electrical Issues

The electrical components of your HVAC system can become more vulnerable to damage during the summer. For example, if you’re using a weed whacker near your air conditioner, you’ll have to be especially careful. Otherwise, debris could get stuck in the unit. The trimmer could also damage the A/C’s fins or clip the unit’s electrical wiring.

During the summer, your HVAC system’s capacitor is especially vulnerable. It’s possible for the electrical component to overheat, whether it’s due to excessive outside heat, increased workload, or both.

Heading into the summer weather, it’s important to keep your HVAC unit in top shape. Also, make sure you’re keeping up with annual maintenance and inspections. If you’re experiencing HVAC issues, or if you’d like to set up a maintenance plan, contact Hardcastle Heating & Air.