Summer Activities That Affect Your Plumbing

Summer Activities That Affect Your Plumbing

A popular song once said “Summertime, and the living is easy” and while that may be true for many people, your plumbing would likely disagree. The summer months in Colorado Springs are hot, and they can also add a lot of stress to certain parts of your plumbing. While most people don’t think about summertime fun with plumbing strain, it is something you must be aware of. Here are some summertime activities that can affect your plumbing:

Going to the Beach

Going to the beaches such as the ones on Prospect Lake are great summertime activities for the whole family. While these beach trips can make memories that last a lifetime, they can also bring home something when everyone returns: sand. This sand can build up in your shower drains and cause clogs and other damage to the pipes. Furthermore, once everyone gets home from the beach, they will likely want to shower. This increased wear and tear on the shower can cause other plumbing issues, so it is important to stay on top of all your plumbing maintenance in the summer months.

Kids Home From School or College

Whether you have small children, teenagers, or adult children home from college, there is one place in your house that will see much more action than it might at other times of the year. This place is your bathroom. It is wise to inspect your toilet often and pay special attention to make sure that everything is flushing the way it’s supposed to. Also, remind children not to flush anything they shouldn’t.

Mowing the Lawn

Cutting the grass and keeping the lawn pristine are all part of keeping your property in great shape. However, when doing so, don’t forget to make sure you don’t damage your sprinkler heads in the process. This is a costly mistake that can easily be avoided, as long as you remember to be careful.

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