Electrical Problems to Avoid This Thanksgiving

Electrical Problems to Avoid This Thanksgiving

Nothing could be worse this Thanksgiving than inviting over your loved ones for a feast, only for your lights and oven to stop working due to an electrical issue. You should be focused on spending time with family, not trying to solve an electrical problem you likely don’t know much about. People throughout Colorado frequently face a few electrical problems, and we can help you avoid these when Thanksgiving rolls around.

Overcrowding Electrical Outlets

If you’re plugging in too many devices into one electrical outlet, this could cause it to fall short, rendering your devices and appliances useless. It may seem tempting to plug in the mixer, can opener, electric knife, and other devices all at once in a convenient location. However, we recommend only plugging in the devices you currently need and leaving the rest out of the way.

Failing to Test Appliances Before Thanksgiving Day 

It can be both devastating and embarrassing to have none of your appliances working on the day when the big meal takes place. Be sure to spend a few minutes the day before to test out the appliances and other tools you’ll use to ensure they work. If something is inoperable, you’ll have some time to head to the store and find a replacement.

Neglecting an Inspection

You may think you don’t need to inspect your electrical systems since everything you’ve been using has worked so far. However, if you don’t have an inspection regularly, something could be going on that you’re unaware of. If you think it may be time a professional comes out and checks your electrical setup, go ahead and make the call.

We’re Here to Help

Our team at Hardcastle Home Services hopes you and your family have a memorable Thanksgiving. Still, if an electrical issue is getting in the way, we encourage you to contact our team immediately.