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While heat pumps are perhaps lesser known than furnaces and boilers in the world of heating systems, they are nonetheless another excellent way to regulate the temperature in Woodland Park homes, keeping you protected from the elements. In fact, a heat pump can actually keep you feeling comfortable all year round.

There are two types of heat pumps, the Geothermal Heat Pump and the Air Source Heat Pump. Put simply, the former functions by pumping natural heat from the ground into your home in the winter, and pumping it out in the summer, while the latter does the same with air. In either case, the process is aided by heating elements that kick on when the days grow particularly cold, supplementing the environmental heat as needed.

This method is extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient. However, it does have its limits. That’s why many clients opt to add a furnace to their heating system as well. Relying primarily on the heat pump while enabling the furnace to run on the chilliest of nights allows you to save substantially while still keeping you plenty warm.What Heat Pump Services Are Available?

Our team of technicians at Hardcastle Home Services have extensive knowledge of the way heat pumps operate, as well as with the various components that contribute to the process. As such, we offer a wide variety of services to help keep your heat pump in peak condition, keeping your building at the ideal temperature all year long.

Heat pump services provided by Hardcastle Home Services include:

  • Inspecting all ducts, filters, blowers, and coils for any obstructions
  • Inspecting the electric terminals, cleaning and tightening them when necessary
  • Confirming there are no refrigerant leaks or duct leaks, sealing them when necessary
  • Confirming the airflow is adequate
  • Confirming the coolant charge is accurate
  • Verifying that the thermostat and electric control system are operating correctly
  • Lubricating all motors and check belts to help with wear and ensure adequate tension

Repairing Heat Pumps

Over time, your heat pump may start to experience some natural wear and tear, leading to further complications. Common problems include disruptions to the heating and cooling process, constant running, and a failure to turn on altogether. Regardless of the issue, our team of technicians are prepared to run a diagnostic on your unit and get started on the necessary repairs right away. 

Replacing Heat Pumps

In some extreme cases, or when the heat pump is simply too old, repairs may not be possible. Generally, after 15-20 years is a good time to consider upgrading your unit. Instead, a replacement might be the most appropriate course of action. At Hardcastle Home Services, expect our expert team to work tirelessly alongside you to determine what replacement would be most suitable, taking into account your needs and your budget.

Installing Heat Pumps

If you’ve decided to take advantage of all the savings heat pumps can bring, we can help. Start by discussing your situation and space with a member of our team to identify the best model. Once you’re ready, we’ll dispatch a professional to get started on the installation so you can enjoy the benefits of your new heat pump as soon as possible.

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As proud members of the community, we are pleased to offer top tier heat pump services to our fellow neighbors. It’s because of that attitude and dedication that we’ve been recognized with highly-complimentary customer ratings on Home Advisor, as well as a solid A rating on Angie’s List that we’ve maintained since 2015, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a 5-star rating with customers on the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau. In addition to being recognized by our clients, we’ve also won The Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2017 and The Best of Teller County 2018, 2019, and 2020 awards.

We take our role in the community seriously and demand excellence from all our team members when providing you with whatever service you require. More than anything, we are invested in proving our commitment and earning your trust by letting the quality of our actions do the talking. Learn more about what Hardcastle Home Services can do for you by contacting us today at (719) 686-6742.

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